Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday's list

Happy Monday! Well we are finally getting some rain around here and we are finally inside for the next couple of days. Which is getting me in a baking mood but I have to hold off because the basement is getting tackled this week. After catching up with the house stuff a few items got checked off my list and a lot of online ordering was done. I'm finding that it's real drag to bring all 5 kids to run errands and shop. I don't want to start giving the impression this is all we are going to do and that anytime we need something we'll just buy it. True a lot of things do need to be bought but I think we have the most fun at the local thrift stores. We can always find more books some fabric and sometimes neat things.

For now I did as much as I could online so that there would be less running around this week.
  • Nail polish from Essie and Seche vite top coat and base coat because sometimes we all need a little pampering.
  • Signed up for a fall fruit csa so we will be getting apples, pears, grapes, plums and/or peaches. On soulemama's blog las year I saw an apple peeler and thought it would come in handy for making pies, crisps and jams. Actually saw on Tipnut that jams can be frozen. Sounds good to me since I'm avoiding canning.
  • Bought the Brannock shoe sizer because once again I got stuck on sizing when shopping for shoes on Zappos. I'm thinking going forward this may be the way to go size foot at home, shoe shop online and free shipping both ways :)
  • Ordered more stainless steel straws. We liked the stainless steel bendy ones but there was a request for just straight straws and I thought a couple of shorter ones would be handy for the younger 2 kids. It's neat because they are non disposable and environmentally friendly. They could make a really neat Christmas gift too.
  • A while ago I learned about homemade vanilla extract made from vanilla beans and vodka. I'm starting to run low on the store bought kind and figured now would be a good time to switch and make my own. Tasty for fall baking :) It could make a nice Christmas gift.
As usual I'm always on the look out for those recipes and really unique children's activities.

Added one item and books to my wish list.

  • Discovered seltzer water makers on soda stream and amazon. Sounds like it would be fun to make our own flavored seltzer water. I'm thinking of it as a family Christmas gift but I'll have to research it some more and see if it's worth it. I'm not a big fan of unnecessary kitchen appliances so I don't want to collect something that will collect dust and end up at a thrift store.
  • Falala Felt Saw this last Christmas and on the blogs lately.
  • New England Knits Hoping to make a sweater in the next year from this book.
  • Craft Hope This book has been on the blogs lately and it looks amazing.

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rebekka said...

I love the homemade gummy bears idea...awesome!!!

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