Thursday, September 2, 2010

Forgot the Pantry

I forgot to show you the pantry in my last post. Over the summer I had trouble finding some kind of wall unit that would fit a wall space in my kitchen. Finally I came to the conclusion why not another Ikea Billy Bookcase (79 in. x31 in.). These bookcases are very popular around my home. I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many I own let's just say over 20. They are functional so what's one more in the kitchen. This time I bought plastic frosted doors to hide the snacks, cereal, pasta and canned foods.

This is as good as it is going to get for now. I have the shelves labelled to keep me in check. The top shelf is for pasta, second shelf for extra baking needs, the third is for a few empty containers, fourth shelf is for cereal paper plates and seasonal things like hot cocoa or ice cream cones, the fifth shelf is for unopened snacks. The sixth shelf are for the open snacks but I have been trying into put them in containers so there aren't too many open packages. It gives them a neater look and they are easier to grab if we need a snack on the go. The containers are from Ikea. The bottom shelf is for some canned store bought foods and the flour and sugars. I really like the tall Ikea containers for the flour and sugars it makes it look neater and it's easier to see how much is left. I think I definitely need a few more. lol
One thing that wouldn't fit in here is the rice so that went into a basket next to the pantry.

  • We didn't get any beets from the csa this week. I heard the other members were tired of the beets too.
  • We got radishes instead. Those were not a hit around here either.
  • Sometimes when I show an organized space around here people comment how organized I am. The truth is I have some of very disorganized spaces that I'm not showing right now such as the basement and my studio/library. I organized the gadget drawer only a couple of weeks ago otherwise it was "the just throw it in there drawer". The shoe pile were shoes from 3 different places. I'd be lying if the whole house was as neat as these last couple of pictures. lol I use the labels more for myself to keep me in check to put things back where they belong. It a balance of ying and yang. lol.
  • This tip I had to pass along from Cooking with Luv there is a tip to freeze coffee in ice cube trays and then add them to your cold coffee so when it melts it won't be watered down like regular ice cubes.

Some days I need the extra coffee boost :)


Lise said...

Here's my favorite radish recipe (not for dairy allergies or many kids' palates, but yummy to grown ups, anyway!) Grate the radishes and mash them into soft butter. Spread on good bread, sprinkle with salt, and enjoy.

Julie said...

Your pantry looks great! Looks like this OCD disease is contagious:)

Alicia said...

Hey, I use a Billy bookcase for my canned goods too. Great minds think alike:)

angelina said...

hi luisa..always so nice visiting you. i LOVE the rice holder. i used to buy the same sushi rice in bulk bags. so so nice. then the bags are great for recycling into shopping bags...have a good weekend!

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