Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Studio Unveiled

Finally I can show the source of my exhaustion and hardwork. One of my goals was to have an art studio in our new home.

The top shelf are for pens, pencils and paper from Dick Blick. The second shelf is for paper, colored chalk and crayons and markers sorted by color. The third shelf is for dry erase boards and markers and chalk boards and chalk. I also keep Home Depot paint chips they are great for cutting for toddlers or making up games for the older ones.
The top shelf is for stamps and glue. The second shelf is for the arts and crafts and stickers to be used but I don't to plan to replenish. The bottom shelf has clay tools and wooden cutting boards for the clay. The clay is in the red bucket. On both sides of the shelves the encyclopedias are stack there to be used over time for crafting and creativity.
The top shelf is for electronics and science. The second shelf has science experiments and books to go along with experiments. I keep forks, spoons, knives, bowls, flour, salt, cornstarch and a few other things here. The bottom shelf is for recycled materials toilet paper tubes, sticks, tissue paper, boxes etc.

The top shelf has a basket of acrylic paint and a basket of white old t shirts to be tye died later. I'm also keeping a stack of old composition notebooks which I'll explain in another post how revamp those.
The second shelf I keep the sculpty clay in a thread box. A friend recommended this because it keeps the colors separate when the kids are creating. It's easier for them to pick the colors they need and convient at clean up. The other 2 trays are for beads.

Top shelf is for painting time. The bottom shelf is a mish mash of stuff. There is one basket of used paper catalogs, construction and origami paper that's been folded many times. The second basket is cut up foam sheets and the third basket for felt. The row of green boxes at first was for me to sort out things like bottle caps, ribbons, shoe laces, string for beading but I found that it could be helpful for the kids as well. It's a good place for me to drop off stuff I find around the house and they pick up the green basket and use the materials. The round basket on the right is for marbles.

The top shelf is what I call the drop off place where the kids can leave a basket of their ongoing project. I'm not sure if this the right spot yet. The white shelves a friend recommended and I got them at AC Moore. It's for scrapbooking but it's great for sorting all kinds of paper we have construction, scrapbook, small white paper, lined, graph, etc.

The top shelf is for instructional books drawing, clay, crafts, needlework, etc. The bottom shelf I call textiles it's for the yarn, needles, hooks, thread, fabric, socks, t shirts and stuffing. Anything that maybe needed for needle work.
Way up top the shelves closest to the ceiling is where I store the bulk stuff that I have stocked up on. The typing area. I'm keeping my eye out at the thrift stores for another typewriter.That's what's been ongoing here. I'm showing this all to you at it's best but I expect there will be a lot of activity here in the afternoons and during the indoor cooler months.
Ok can you breath the sigh of relief with me now?


Lise said...

Woo, hoo--it's awesome! What joy to have such space to devote to this!

Grace said...

Wonderfully organized and stocked. Envious! But happy for you!

affectioknit said...


Julie said...

Looks soooooooo good! You did a great job! What a relief, i can totally relate:)

nocton4 said...

wow, thats wonderful .. wishing you lots of happy times xx

lucy said...

omg!! when are you coming over to take care of my craft room??

The Little House That Grew said...

Such order! There is beauty in that. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!

Pollon72 said...

Your room is very organized,

Holly C. said...

Love it!

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