Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today's Fun Finds

Ok is it wrong to post twice in one day? I say no way. Just couldn't wait to show you our fun finds from today's yard sale.

Where the Wild Things Are, The Polar Express, Happy School Year, Goldilocks, The Paper Bag Princess, Happy Thanksgiving Biscuit. We were lucky to meet the illustrater of Happy School Year and Goldilocks. The kids were excited about these books.

All this yarn for $5! I know some may think why buy someone's leftover yarn? Well lately I had ideas about what kind of yarn and how much I need for a couple of crochetting and knitting projects. So when I was digging through this bag and found more than I needed I looked at it and said I know what to do with each of you.

Today felt really good to be out with just the 3 oldest talking, yard sailing, look at artwork from local artists and having lunch together at a fast food place. What was nice about all these finds is that someone was getting rid of these and there I was ready to pick them up along with a few other items. What I hope to show my kids is yes we can buy new things but we can also buy old and recycle which saves the planet. I'm new to this concept recycle and reuse. I have been doing it about a year now going to thrift stores and yard sales. It was a little hard at first and some things I still buy new. It seems lately there has been less new and more recycle.

"Waste not, want not."

Now off to make my kind of homemade chicken soup (the broth is from a can) and laundry.

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