Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hat Night

After the evening of sewing I was feeling ambitous so I sat down the following night and crochetted a hat while watching tv. My first hat ever and I'm pretty proud. After the hat was completed I got started on a matching scarf of course. The scarf was much easier than the hat.

Ok so do you really want to know what happened the night of the hat? First of all I have never crochetted a hat so it took me about 4 hours. No lie. I think I unravelled it about 5 times I lost track after the second time. The scarf I started right after the hat but did not get completed because I fell a sleep with hook and yarn in my lap. Oh and look at why I unravelled the hat for the 5th time.

Because this was not the look I was going for. It still makes me laugh even now as I write.

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