Saturday, November 7, 2009


Just wanted to say hello friends before I went sailing with the kids. Yard sailing that is and check out some local art. What I have been up to....

Reading with the kids.
Some story writing in the barebooks. We love these.
New magazines for me. I haven't read these yet I just love looking at the pictures. I made a quick run out by myself to the book store for these 2 magazines the other night. I was standing in the magazine aisle and thumbing through them ooohhing and aahhhhing that I think I annoyed the woman next to me to the point that she had to leave. What could I say have you seen these pictures? I thought of 3 ideas just standing there.

1 comment:

Lise said...

Oh, my gosh...I got that "Artful Blogging," too. Couldn't pass it up despite the crazy price tag. Soooo inspiring!

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