Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

I hope everyone has had a nice Thanksgiving filled with good food, good conversation and many other blessings and maybe even some crochetting. Since I was in charge of the baking my mom cooked which was nice. After dinner I finally finished crochetting the shoulder strap and drawstring for the bag I have been working on to carry around my next project. I pretty much made up the design for this bag so I'm not sure how sturdy the shoulder strap is going to be. Good thing yarn isn't heavy.
While at my mom's we went through her stash of doillies that her mother-in-law made her. I brought them home for some inspiration and memory keepsakes.

I hope that I can somehow replicate some of these designs to make Christmas snowflakes for the tree. But for now we're taking it slow this weekend and enjoying some leftovers.

1 comment:

maroon skye said...

Hey Luisa,

Absolutely love the bag you's great! You'll have to teach me how to make it.

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, you already know what ours was like.


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