Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yarn Along: The finished sweater :))))

Joining in this week for Ginny's yarn along
 No headless bears to show this week.  But I do have my first finished sweater.  Love this pattern from New England Knits.  Can't wait to wear it soon and now I can't wait to try something else from this book like a bag, a vest or a skirt.  I think I'm getting ahead of myself better wait till after the holidays. 
What am I reading? Not a book but my recipe binders and found this Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publicastion : Soups magazine while grocery shopping and love it  for some warm soups for this winter. 


Lise said...

Congrats on finishing the sweater! It looks great.

Victoria said...

Beautiful sweater! I love that color! said...

oh my goodness...i just got, well almost, done going through my stash of cooking magazines and cutting all the recipes out. it is really sick how many recipes i know have...more than we can probably use in a lifetime! the sweater looks fabulous!


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