Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Join me in the kitchen

Welcome to today's crazy kitchen cooking.  Thought you might like a peak of what went from morning till bedtime.

:: Loads of dirty dishes
:: A clean sink and counter *sigh* even if only for a short time.
:  Let the cooking begin!  Roasting vegetables, boiling sweet potatoes for soup, made fish cakes and sauteed a little spinach.
:: Then went on to try a new recipe Italian Style Meatloaf .  Definitely a hit a recipe keeper I'll share soon as soon as I rewrite it.
:: Lastly feeling like I should make cookies to feeze for before Christmas.
Most days are not like this at all.  Why all the cooking?  I have been trying to be better about having some frozen foods to reheat (like bread, soups, fish cakes, meatloaf) so I'm trying to incorporate a new rhythm the day or two after grocery shopping try to double up on a meal and cook some things to freeze so they are easy to grab to make a quick meal.  This helps me avoid buying premade foods and they only take a couple of minutes to reheat.  One of my short cuts I wanted to sharre. 


Lise said...

I'm impressed.

Laura Emily said...

tell me how the meatloaf works out. I've only had the guts to freeze soups and chili, but would love to try something more solid, and meat loaf is the hubby's personal favorite.

Luisa said...

Lise-Thanks if only most days would go that smoothly.

Laura Emily-I wasn't sure about freezing chili I'll have to give it a try thanks. I'm working on the meatloaf post for Thursday I'll have more to share.

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