Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Joining this week on the Small Things yarn along.  I have been picking up and putting down the same book for over a week now but haven't started reading it.  Yesterday got this batch of books to add to my library.
I have also been browsing this magazine for some knitting inspiration.
In between I have been catching up on some crochetting and making progress.

Hoping I'll be done with this throw soon and have a better picture.


Gretchen R said...

Ooo, I've made blankets like that before. I gave one to my brother and one to my mom, and they are still family favorites. The blue is so pretty.

Karen said...

what a cool looking throw!
can't wait to see the finished project
God Bless

Mistea said...

That throw is gorgeous - love the combination of solid and multi coloured yarns.
Great pile of books - hope you get to dive in soon.

abbie said...

Wonderful throw! I hope to knit a one for our Church's Prayer Shawl Ministry. Where did you find the pattern?

Thanks so much for stopping by my little space. Are you doing well preparing for the hurricane?

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