Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Furniture Fiasco is Over

Back in June I think I forgot to post this piece of furniture that I finally finished... again.  It's the bureau that turned out really great but then had to be stipped and it all went bad  from there.  Luckily things got better slowly. Sanded it all done really well and then painted with an oil based paint instead of latex.  Didn't love the oil based paint it makes me uneasy especially since I was painting in the dinning room.

 The results.... I"m happy and done.

 Love this bureau in black and a friend sent more of the letter "Y" knobs so now it's complete.

 I had some oops on the inside so instead of scraping and scratching I resorted to covering it up with contact paper. It's not a favorite thing I like to do but at least its pretty in there. 

What have I learned from all this:
  • When the wood is too smooth sand it.
  • Keep away away from the oil it's too stressful for me.
  • A friend recommended when using oil based paints in between coats while it dries put the brushes in bag and keep in the freezer.  Then take them out an hour before you have to paint the next coat.
  • Felt the doors and drawers so when they close they don't chip the paint.
Will I paint again?

Absolutely!  This soon to be nightstand is next on my list.

1 comment:

cpcable said...

Sorry that it was a stressful project, but on the upside it did turn out quite beautiful!

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