Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Old Nightstand

At last nightstand makeover.  This furniture painting project went much smoother than last time.  I have had this piece sitting in my basement for about a year.  A friend passed it along because of it's potential nigtstand or living room end table?  Looking at it was quite an eyesore but with a little tlc it's all new now.
I didn't have to do any sanding because it was in rough shape anyway.  There was a metal plate and a few holes that got plugged with wood filler.
Next was a couple coats of primer.

Then a couple of coats of white paint, a new knob, new lamp, a doily and a couple of jars of sea glass and tadaaaaa new night stand for the older girls room. 

1 comment:

Tatiana S. said...

Molto bello il risultato!

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