Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beach Cake

It's been a hot summery week so why not make a beach cake to go along with the weather?  We had this cake on July 4th and for breakfast the next day.

 Where to begin with this cake?
1.  Prepare blue jello (3 oz box) using the speed set method.
2.  Prepare vanilla pudding according to package directions.
3.  Take 1 package of graham crackers and crush in food processor. Then set aside in a bowl.
4.  Bake a vanilla cake in a 9x12 rectangle pan and then cool.
5.  After the cake is cooled down cut out about a quarter of the cake.  Not straight across more like a wave.

 6.  The cake that was scooped out of the pan can go into glasses to create individual ones.
 7.  Next spread evenly vanilla pudding on to the cake and any left over pudding scoop into the glasses with the cake. 

 8.  Sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs.

 9.  Spoon in jello into cake pan after it's set and decorate with sea life candy.  I found some gummy sharks, fish, seahorses at a candy shop but I have also seen some small hard candy in these shapes.

Enjoy your dessert!

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