Monday, February 28, 2011

Furiture painting gone wrong

Today's post is a follow up to Friday's moment of furinture stripping.  Remember this piece of furniture.  Well a friend mailed the last 4 knobs  I needed.  So I put them on took a picture (I apologized for the glare) and started putting all the linens away.  Looks good so far right?

 While opening and closing drawers a piece of paint chipped off.  A friend recommended "glue it back on and touch it up with a little paint".  Good idea but I was wondering why I could see the wood work.  Three layers of paint a coat of primer come off. 
 So I opened the cabinet I knew there was another piece of  paint that was chipped in there and thought what would happened if I kind of peeled it would it come off?   The answer is YES!  So began the peeling of paint by hand.

 Someone found it more fun to do some paint carvings instead...

 Can you hear my head just thumping the table.  Bad bad furniture painting.  Most of the paint peeled like a latex raincoat.  Here's a pile. 
 As of right now this is the progress I'm making.  I have quite a bit peeled away something to do late at night or while dinner cooks. 
Other random stuff::
  • I probably won't have any Monday links for a while.  I'm actually trying to follow up on my own links and make some things.
  • Way behind on posting at 5 Good Reasons and checking everyone's blogs.  I'll try to be back soon.
  • I'm almost done unravelling a throw that I was working on that was way too wide.  On the bright side I really like the yarn and when I do it right it will look great on my bed.
  • Bought a new organic shampoo at Trader Joe's. A little treat to me.
  • Found this book Knitting America.  Treat for the kids and grown ups about knitting and histrory.
  • Found some really cute art work for the walls for the kids.  Hope to hang those today.
  • Best of all I have been an organizing maniac.  The kid's play room/library is looking better.
Now off to a rainy and hopefully productive Monday.


Lise said...

Oh, how sad. I've had many a project go bad; I sympathize!

lucy said...

oh no! It looked so fabulous.
If you try painting it again, "they" say sand, sand, then sand some more, is the trick.
Hope it works the second time around!

Ana said...

Oh my God!!! How could that happen? That's too bad, after putting all that work into it. I'm glad you can keep your sense of humour...

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