Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yarn Along...

Joining along in this week in Ginny's yarn along.  I had to to abandon the novel I was supposed to be reading and now I have these two books I got for Valentine's Day that I'm eyeing.   I'm leaning towards Organizing from the Inside Out because my library/office is an utter disaster. A friend recommended this book and I thought it's much needed right now while I'm in the mode of collecting receipts, filing and other administrative duties. 
I'm still working on the same hat.  It's been a good process project.  I was doing well but then had to unravel half of it because I made a consistent mistake which made the hat too tight.  Ooops.  Now that I know what I'm doing this hat is pretty easy and I think I can actually say I might be an experienced crochetter who can read a pattern :D   So since I have the same hat here for the past few weeks I thought I'd share how to make the popcorn stitch this week. 

 Crochet as usual and when you get to a stitch where you want to make a popcorn do 5 single crochet into the same stitch..
 It will then look like a fan like this.
 Take out your hook and put it through the first single crochet in this group of 5 single crochet.
 While the hook is in the first single crochet insert the hook back into to the loop.
 Yarn over hook and pull through both.
 The popcorn is complete and just continue crochetting along the row.
 As your project grows the popcorns will stick out. 
 On top of  popcorn there is only 1 stitch, so when you are on next row all the stitches are the same.

I wanted to thank everyone lately for leaving such nice and encouraging comments on my blog.  I just wanted give a blog hug.  I haven't been able to visit everyone's blogs (I'll be over on Thursday or Friday to visit) or follow up on comments lately just been taking care of stuff around the house so I won't bore you with that and too tired at night to be on the computer. Just wanted to say I really appreciate your comments and visits. Hope you keep coming by :)


scmom (Barbara) said...

Cute hat -- I like that yarn. I also love your painting project down below -- I have a dry sink that needs a black finish and you have inspired me! Have a great evening.

Anonymous said...

I picked up a copy of Organizing from the Inside out at the thrift store and used it for our family move! There are so many great and practical ideas and suggestions. I hope you've been able to put it to use!

MJ said...

Oh thank you for the popcorn tutorial!!! I love your hat!! I am missing crocheting lately as I have been knitting, but I feel a crocheting project coming on next :).

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