Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This & That Lately

Well nothing too exciting going on lately but here's a peek of what has been going on since last Thursday.
 We used the last of the apple sauce and peaches for applesauce bread and  instead of cranberry cake made a cherry and peach version.
 There was request for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies .
 Huddled together while mom cooks the cherry and peach cake which boils over in the oven and burns and nearly sets off the smoke detector.  Ooops I guess I did need that pan under the pie plates.

 Ok the pasta making was not in my kitchen but it was worth sharing.  A girls night in at a friends house for most of us it was pasta making for the first time.  I think I like making homemade pasta.
My latest find for the home. I think these 3 words are exactly how feel most days because some days I'm just daydreaming. 


Allison said...

the homemade pasta looks like fun! i've made it before, but don't have a pasta roller, which i think makes all the difference.

Hannah said...

Homemade pasta making is so much fun. I hardly ever do it but love it when I do.

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