Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rolling up my sleeves

Still here friends no new recipes or cooking but I have been doing a ton of organizing even had to change the blog for something fresh. I still haven't figured out what to do about the header.   I definitely have that spring cleaning bug. 

Right now on my list is the pantry.  It's about half organized.  The third shelf from the bottom is dedicated to homeschooling tools.  Once it's all clean I'll give you a close up.
 I have been up to my eyeballs in paperwork and there is that looming April 18 deadline for taxes but I have made a lot of progress in my favorite place the library. 
 Best part of my office/library is a clean desk!  I haven't seen the top since I moved in back in June.
After a little more cleaning and touching up I'll give you a tour into my library/office/studio. 
For now I'm taking a page from soulemama and waldorf mama of what I have been grateful for lately.
:: the fresh air
:: birds outside the kitchen window
:: long or short family walks
:: a clean desk
:: putting paperwork away and not leaving it in a pile
:: having a really big project list and crossing off 2 items
:: dreaming of  a small garden
:: learning and remembering from kids point of view
:: reading a good book
:: dreaming of cake decorating
:: mom's cooking and helping hands
:: sitting quietly during a guitar or ballet  lesson with my own thoughts

What are you grateful lately?

1 comment:

Ana said...

Like the new look!

Very grateful for a husband with the "baby sleep touch", the man walks in that room and within 5 minutes all is peaceful.

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