Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In my basket & drawer

Lately the weather around here has been quite confusing. We have a few random days of spring but most days it's too cool and rainy which is perfect for a little in house organizing. 

Love this jewelry organizer on the right because it hangs nicely in the closet and takes less room than a jewelry box. 

 The girls' hair accessories has been my biggest dilemna lately. Here is the solution I found a basket that will fit under the vanity and  wooden trays to sort. For those small hair things and bobby pins I found these really small containers at the dollar store and small thrifted baskets. A friend recommended empty baby food containers for the small things but I lucked out with these because they fit in the tray. I was happy that there was room for the hair brush and combs. Headbands went into another basket and that basket can stay on top of the other one.

 All this fits under the vanity. Now will it stay clean?  I'm keeping my fingers crossed

Next into my bathroom into this very messy drawer.

 Thank you again to the wooden trays from The Container Store. Love the different sizes to sort and separate.
 I spruced up this drawer too this with those small glass bowls for dipping for the crystal rock deodarant and my face soap that I cut in half. The bowls are also the perfect size for floss. Makes the drawer pretty to look into.

In the little basket is where I keep my  vials  for salt and oils. The big one on the left is 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil mixed together which is great for softening cuticles or someintes a dab of it at night for hands and feet before moisturinzing.  You'll be greasy but soft in the morning. 
I changed the container of the face cream and put it in a tin but this is turning into a bad idea because the cream changed colors I'm thinking glass jar next time. 

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Julie said...

Looks great! Isn't having OCD fun:)

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