Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Links

As the weeks have gone by I have been pulling up the blogs and reading them which spurs more ideas in my head. Unfortunately I haven’t been on the internet long enough when I’m out to leave comments and jump from page to page so I have a lot of tabs up to reread later.  These are some of the ones that I have had up lately.

:: She’s right these curtains are groovy.  Even though I haven’t done it I love red work and blue work embroidery.
:: I need another cowl like this one. I’m thinking in orange.

:: Love these hearts.
::  I'm thinking this table would be awesome in house with toddlers.
:: These truffles look delicious and the body scrub sounds like what I need.
:: I can’t get this rug out of my head and this one.
:: Love this wreath for the spring.
:: Some vinaigrette recipes which will be awesome for summer. 
Can't wait to see what esle comes up this week in the blogs.

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