Sunday, March 11, 2012

Monday Links on Sunday

This is the usually my Monday links post but I don't know if I'll get to it tommorrow so thought I'd post it today.  Some more links I found that I love from this past week.

-BB Cream great to make my own make up concotions.
-I should make flowers like these for the winter because then I know I can't kill them.
-This pork chop recipe looks yummy something I could finagle someday.
-This on my table would make me more addicted to crochetting.
-What creamy corn dip?  Have to try this. And how about the Key Lime Pie?
-I would love to make these fun earrings.
-I'm alway collecting essential oil recipes like this.
-Love this round afghan I'm almost afraid to click on the rest of the links.

Hope you're having a good weekend. I'm hoping  to share some pictures this week.

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