Thursday, October 14, 2010

Uh oh one of those days...

Ever have one of those days? It usually involves lots of dishes, cleaning, many questions and looking at many piles. Every turn there is a pile. Go to a room, hallway or closet and there is another pile from the to do list. On the up side I'm making very slow progress. What is in the works right now?

Oh yes the sewing area. While I was working in the art studio across the way my sewing studio turned into this. This picture was taken a few days ago. Thank goodness since this picture there has been some cleaning up. I can actually see the floor and the desk is cleared :) I'm looking forward to more progress this weekend. I have 2 project baskets going and one big basket of fabric. Oh boy that's a lot of sewing.

A few items on the sewing table are these crochetted projects that need to be undone. I'm not feeling the love for these so they will be reincarnated. I'm thinking new scarves and hats and a big yelllow pom pom!

And the worst part about my day is accidently knocking over my new ceramic travel mug.

There is more but I'll spare you the other grisly details for now trying to remain optimistic while rolling many balls of yarn :)

1 comment:

dorothybills..... said...

I have these kind of days too! so many projects and mess and so little time....what a bumma about the travel mug it was cute! Hope you ended up having a good day, Eleesa

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