Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Late Monday Lists

I know Monday lists on a very, very late Tuesday night almost Wednesday. But there were house chores and lots of laundry to catch up on yesterday and a very happy 8 year old celebration. There has been a lot of baking lately as well.
But so far here's what I have been collecting lately from the internet and blog world.

I'm always on the look out for kids crafts, activities or learning ideas that are neat and creative. The best part about finding new ideas is they come from moms or educators from all over the world.
  • I love what this mom did with these fish.
  • Here is how those little photo albums come in handy for a toddler learning the alphabet.
  • So many fun possibilities of using chalkboard paint on thick paper like cardboard or paint chips. I was also thinking they would be great for a birthday gift or party favors.
  • These alphabet cards are clever and can be customized to your needs. I was thinking of using scrabble tiles for the letters. (I collect Scrabble games just for the letter tiles)
  • Watercolor for a rainy day.

Daydreaming that someday I will get to do these.

Latley I have been researching homemande shampoos. My hair has gotten a lot more unmanagable after having kids and has never been the same. (Oh those hormones. I refuse to blame it on age.) Well I have tried the baking soda and the shampoo bars and both together but it's still not it. I'm not up for more shampoo trial and errors. So what's next? How about homemade liquid shampoo using castille soap.

Can you blame me for throwing in a few recipes. My recipe binder is getting really thick lol.

Ok that was definitely a big Monday List.

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Lise said...

Here's another shampoo idea...after reading lots about curly hair and the no-shampoo idea, I've been skipping shampoo and "shampooing" with conditioner instead--it maintains my curl and still seems clean. But I've got to figure out how to make my own conditioners.

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