Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time Lapse

Ok it's been a solid week since I posted anything, stopped in to say hello, visited other blogs or responded to comments. I probably could have least wrote a post and said I'll be back in a week but truthfully the days just escaped me.

We have been avoiding humidity inside with cool air or at a local pool. I can't decide which crochet project to begin so I put one back and picked up another. Closets have been cleaned organized and sorted finally. A pile of remaining clothes and many socks remain in the hallway. Dirty laundry was easy to upkeep it's the clean laundry that was haunting me because it was everywhere but now it can be put away. Also started bringing together the art studio but it is not even close to done. Hopefully some time soon there will be pictures.

You could say I have been scattered. Discovered maggots in the trash can outside and said they must go. Yuck! My first thought was NO WAY you are NOT HERE TO STAY. I quickly went in and did a google search and the upside is that they can be killed with boiling hot water, bleach, rubbing alchohol or salt. The bleach or boiling water were not practical and I actually am running low on salt so alchohol it is that killed them all.

Now something way less disgusting. I have been baking or cooking on and off. We have been enjoying our first year with the csa and love going to the farmer's market but it was hard to keep up in the beginning. The csa began while we were painting, packing and moving. I had hopes this summer of doing a weekly csa post of what I was going to do with the veggies but that has not worked out either.

Slowly things are coming together I will post again later today or early tomorrow with more positive energy along with a recipe or two and some pictures.

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