Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thankful Saturday

Thankful for a few small moments this Saturday. It was an up and down day. It has been especially challenging during this move and a lot of testing. Several days of uncooperation at various times. Sophia was in need of one on one time at the farmer's market with mom today. -Thankful for the fresh veggies and some uninterrupted Sophia time.

People usually ask or assume that it's hard when my kids are home especially in the summer. I say nope. We don't do any camps in the summer. This year we have no vacation plans. There are no scheduled activities or crafts. Summers are family time and much needed rest. The only regulation I have is that there are absolutely no rigid scheduled events. -Thankful for summer days.
So what do we do? Anything else. There has been a lot of water play and lots of dirt. There was hole dug so deep that Jimmy made them fill it again in case someone fell in. -Thankful for the nature outside.
But in the end everything turned out ok. I was running a little behind with dinner so I suggested drawing outside. It's nice to see what comes about on that blank paper. During their drawing time a white spider caught their eye so their was some investigating going on there. -Thankful for that the paper, markers and pencils that got us through till dinner.
I'm also thankful to all of you for coming back to read my blog and leaving such nice comments. I apologize for not responding but have read your comments and followed the links.
In response to a couple of the comments:
-The laundry detergent has been coming out clean and I have been happy with it. There isn't much of a scent. For a little extra stain fighting I have been adding a couple of drops of Biokleen Bac-Out to the load of laundy.
-I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the turnips and beets so almost everyone will eat them.
-As for Friday's moment my rock climber started climbing when I turned my back to watch the younger two. My exact words were "If you go up there I can't come get you. " Inside I thought Oh God please don't fall. Oh God please don't fall. Once he was up there I asked "How are you getting down?" Slowly he descended. I turned around for part of the time and thought Oh God please don't fall. Oh God please don't fall." True parenting while sweating.
Wishing you a long and restful weekend !

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