Sunday, July 25, 2010

On the upkeep

As I mentioned a few days ago a lot has been going on here the past couple of weeks. Anything from some baking, some cooking, lots of freezing. As well as organizing closets, cleaned the hallway finally (phew!) and some furniture assembling and painting.

1. There has been plenty of dirt and water play to keep the whole gang occupied. I read or heard somewhere a while ago that kids don't play in the mud much anymore. I thought what a shame. Dirt and water are a couple of the most basic things that keeps all ages in my family occupied (and yes even me).

2. Since this has been my first year with the csa it's been great but I couldn't keep up in the beginning. Luckily things are getting consistent. We have enjoyed the kale chips. I was really happy that those were a hit.
With the other vegetables that I can't get to right away or I get too much of I just remind myself freeze it. So far I have cauliflower frozen and now some celery and carrots. I usually freeze them on a tray first then transfer them to a bag.
I'm hoping they will be great for vegetable stock or shepherd's pie this winter.

3. This stool was in need of some paint
It made a great horse :)
Hope you to had a good weekend!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Looks like you had a nice, productive weekend!

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