Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Finds

Well Febuary has arrived and so has a new batch of books in our home. We went to a book sale on Saturday and hunted for these treasures.

On Sunday before doing some laundry I decided to go back and see if there was anything leftover. To my surprise it was just as busy and people were still coming in with empty bags. I lucked out again and got a grocery bag full of these treasures.

I love The Snowman and I think the Desk Atlas will be a handy reference for us all during the Olympics. I have to say my favorite find this weekend is this one.

A little while ago I tried my hardest to explain "Cats Cradle" that kids used to play games with fingers and string. Around here this weekend this book was popular along with some yarn. It has many different string games and a little history of how many centuries they existed and where children played them. To think that for centuries up until not to long ago children played these games instead of playing with their parents cellphones or some other electronic device while waiting at lessons and practices. Whatever happened to pockets filled with pink balls, string, a shell, buttons, rocks, little treasures found along the way during the day with a little dirt and sand at the bottom of the pocket. This book was the best find because it brought back so many memories and hopefully bring new memories for my children. With any luck maybe some of these games will spread to their friends.

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Lise said...

Oh, I love a good library sale! Looks like you got some great ones!

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