Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Look to the clipboards

To do lists, grocery lists, what to do with the kids lists, dinner and baking lists, a place for the kids to jot down ideas, experiments and questions to research later.... What to do with them all? Put them on clipboards on the wall and then cover the lists with pretty paper so I don't get to overwhelmed with what to do. Everyone has been enjoying looking at them while we're in the kitchen.

I should note this isn't my own orginal idea I saw it another blog who saw it somewhere else and thought well that could happen in my kitchen too.


Lise said...

I've got a spot on the wall I've been wanting to turn into family info central. This is a great idea!

Ana said...

hahaha, I love the idea of covering them with paper so you don't have to look at all those TO DO's! And they look cute, too.

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