Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yarn Along Wednesday

I made it back to the Ginny's yarn along today because I was too exhausted and engrossed in this book last week.
 I started Dreams of Joy and couldn't put it down for a couple of days.  It was incredible and horrific. A book that will definitley stay with me.  It's the sequel to Shanghai Girls which was also another good read.  Both are good but brace yourself for some powerful moments.
On the knitting needles I'm starting a hat.  I don't have a pattern because I started a knitting class on Saturday and she did not give us the pattern.  It's been therapeutic and I already finished my homework for next week.
 Untill my next knitting class I'm crochetting a summer throw.  I haven't brought up that grey throw I started in the fall because it's not complete and too hot to work on so I stored it away for this fall to pick up.  In the meantime I bought 3 skeins of cotton yarn 170 yards each in white, blue and a multicolored yarn.  I knitted a 5 inch square and then cast off and began crochetting a border and just changed the colors every few rows.  No pattern just hoping for the best for something different. 
These are new books added to my library last passed along from a friend.  I'm thinking maybe some good summer reads.

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