Thursday, March 17, 2011

Needing some blog pep

Well friends it's been a week that I have been absent from this space.  There really was no reason at all just that there was not much too say, no new recipes, slow reading.  Nope nothing just day to day things and who really wants to read about laundry and cleaning.  I guess I lost my blog and media spunk.  I haven't been on the blogs writing my posts or reading.  I might think of something to post but if it's not done first thing in the morning then there is no chance for a post the rest of the day.  As for tv I have a few shows a week I like to watch in the evening but lately they are either repeats or just boring.  On the upside of a media funk I am on my third book this week.  It's also my way of avoiding paperwork that needs to be sorted.   
Today was the first day in a while where I was going to sit down this morning and share what I have been up to the past few days.  So forgive me for my late and lengthy post. 

 For breakfast this morning started another Alice Hoffman book so far so good Blackbird House reminds me of her latest book The Red Garden
 This picture was supposed to be for the Wednesday Yarn Along.  Another thing I missed lately. Finished the hat that I saw on Field Wonderful.  Last week I started knitting fingerless gloves that look more like a cast.  I didn't follow a pattern just started knitting and made 4 rectangles and stitched them together and left a thumb hole.  I really need to follow patterns these came out a little big.  Earlier in the week read Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts she also wrote Where the Heart Is.  Both books are good reads. 

Next are kids books that have come into our home.
 We got a lot of classics but in a starter series. I'm a little torn about them because they are rewritten by someone else and taken from the orginal authors. May have to skim some of these myself but I still think we should have the orginials for later on. 
 These books were a treat.
The next group of pictures are canvases that finally got hung up.
 This one for the play room

 A picture of  a city  intersection with a fire truck perfect for my younger fire truck loving girls.

This one went in the older girls bedroom. This is my favorite picture 3 girls by a pond drawing.  Love it wish it was 4 girls.

Ok I know a lot to throw at you in one post but to be honest this has been the only excitement that I  could show through pictures. 


Phyllis said...

I love the pictures. I would get the originals of the classics.

Ana said...

It looks like there was actually a lot of stuff going on while you were gone from here!

Sometimes daily life seems so mundane, and sometimes those same things inspire us to create and write... I guess it depends on our mood (or the mood of those around us, or the level of exhaustion...)

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