Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Hope Chest

" hope chest differs from the traditional version. Instead I use a wicker picnic hamper filled with projects that I hope to do in the future. ...Until I can set aside time to sew them, I'm storing the material in my hope chest."
Sarah Ban Breathnach
After reading this daily passage I thought to myself hey that sounds like me I have a hope chest. In the past month while cleaning up I decided to put together a basket of upcoming projects I would like to work on next. At one point it was filled with paper printouts of recipes and articles. Filed those away but added a binder. It's a place to add or take things that I have on my mind right now that I could get to some time soon. I didn't want it to be for future long term projects just something to keep me going. Right now it looks like this:
In there right now a recipe binder, cotton yarn to be made into wash clothes or dish clothes and the latest Stitch magazine.

The project I'm eyeing is a potholder made from felted wool. Those sweaters I shrunk a few months are going to come in handy for this future project.

The recipe binder well this I finally put together and tabbed for new recipes that I have not tried yet. All those recipe printouts go in here once they have been finagled (to be allergy friendly) and family tested and approved they go into my cooking or baking binders.

Well that's what's in my hope chest. What I love about this concept anyone can have one. Big or small, wicker or not it's for you to work on in the near future or much later in the future. A typically traditional idea but with a modern twist that hopefully will carry on for generations around here.


Alicia said...

What a great hope chest! I love the idea of storing projects to do in the future. The felted pot holder looks like a fun project.

Lise said...

Beautiful! Makes it look so tempting and doable when everything's gathered close at hand.

Emily said...

I had a regular "for when I get married" hope chest. I loved making things to save for my future home. Now my husband and I sleep under the quilt I made.

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Ana said...

I think you just taught me why my own recipe binder is not working so great for me... maybe testing the recipes and adjusting them for allergies might help.

victoria said...

That potholder is so cool, I want to make one too!

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