Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random thoughts

Snack time with new straws and popcorn.
Neat braids that Stefania did herself.
Quilting Dilemna: taking old receiving blankets and trying to come up with a quilt design I like before I begin cutting. I'll talk more about this another time.
Completed the doll cardigan now it just needs to be assembled.
What else I'm loving this week:
  • Yarning with my kids
  • Finishing 1 project
  • Finally getting on the ball to make my own bread Artisan Bread in Five Minutes
  • New stainless straws - Finally we can stop using the disposable plastic straws filling the landfills. Amazon has a few different sizes. Also looking into glass straws. I know sounds crazy but these straws are forever.
  • Glad Rags - (I'll let you research this one) and Glad Rag Hankies (to replace tissues)
  • Food Inc. - I have a feeling I'm not going to love what I hear in this but maybe making my own bread and joining a csa and shopping at farmer's markets will ease the pain.
  • Japenese Masking Tape Craftiness - Definitely check out all 4 parts. Who knew you could do that with tape?
  • I really want to crochet this someday.
  • Washing my face with honey. Really I'm not kidding. I even read it on Crunchy Chicken . Is it odd that my face felt cleaner after washing it with honey?
  • No more rain just loads and loads of sunshine.


Julie said...

So many wonderful environmental changes and creative ideas to keep us busy mom's inspired. Thanks for sharing your journey:)

Lise said...

That's so funny...I put an afghan almost exactly like that one on my flickr favorites page just yesterday. Definitely on the make-someday list!

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