Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yarn Along Wednesday

I have missed my Wednesday Yarn Alongs but the reading and knitting and crocheting never stopped
 I have few books on my night table next to the comfy chair in my library:
Don't Lick the Minivan
The Happiness Hypothesis
100 Snowflakes to Crochet
I Want to Pee Alone
Cook's Illustrated Magazine

 My thought back in December was to crochet snowflakes everyday from the 100 Snowflakes to Crochet I completed 6.  They were enjoyable and easy to make and they are only about 3 rows of crocheting.  So lets see 6 done 94 to go before next Christmas.

 What I keep in my activity bag wherever are these two books.  The Supreme Macaroni Company is the third book in the a trilogy I have been waiting for about 2 years.  It's an easygoing read but I don't love the cover the book it makes it look like a cheesy romance novel.  I picked up the College-Prep Homeschooling at the library and haven't been able to put it down.  Some parts will come in handy for future reference.
I have had these fingerless gloves in the works since last winter I'm thinking its time to finish them, so into the activity bag they go. 
Glad to be back in the yarn along this week can't wait to see what everyone else has on the needles.


Jazz said...

Lovely projects! My favorite are the fingerless gloves.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jessica Snell said...

I'm sorry, but the title "Don't Lick the Minivan" just cracks me up! The things that come out of our mouths once we have kids . . . :D

Robbie said...

Ha! When I saw "Don't lick the minivan" I googled it to see what that was all about! Too funny. I went on a snowflake kick in December also. Got around 19 done. Thinking about leaving them up until at least March. That is when slowly starts waking up down here in Alabama. Have a great week!

Karen Sue said...

Gotta say Don't Lick the Minivan is the best title I've read so far this Yarn ALong!!

Kinga Bajer said...

Beautiful gloves! In my favorite color:)

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