Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Yarn Along-Hat Revamp

For this week's yarn along I'm redoing a hat I finished a couple of years ago.  When I finished it I liked it but now want to add a few more rows so that it covers my ears. The Stone Path Hat pattern is on CrochetMe.

Still reading Daring Greatly but let's just say it's hitting a few chords and making me think (see previous post).  In between I'm picking up these issues of Mollie Makes. I love the fortune cookies but right now I have my eye on those knitted owl wrist warmers to make soon.

Hope you are enjoying a good knit, crochet or read this Wednesday.


Lisa said...

Nice! I also commented on your post before this one- you must be a brave soul. Thank you so much for sharing!

*Michelle* said...

The owl wrist warmers pictured on the cover are adorable!

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