Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big Crochetted Slippers

Before I begin this post about the slippers I wanted to say thank you to all the followers who keep coming back during a pivotal time in my life and welcome new readers  here and at 5 Good Reasons.  Things will be still be a little slow for posting a while longer over there. But I just wanted to say thank you to my readers for coming by and checking in because like most bloggers we go through a down time of posting and risk losing followers and sometimes along the way readers don't come back so it's nice to see that not everyone has ditched this little kitchen and hope you are inspired as many of you have inspired me. 

Ok now the slippers.  I had been having a creative mojo slow down but things are picking up again.  In the January/February issue of Crochet Today I wanted to make these slippers. The pattern looks easy something I can handle and they are cute.

 But guess what happens when I don't use the right yarn?  They came out way too big.  I had to show you these before I unravel them.  Starting from the left these are my first, second and third try at these slippers.  The first was super huge and the last pair after a few decreases was much better.
 Not perfect but better because they are still loose and I have been wearing them I'm thinking of unravelling a few rows and doing many more decreases.  Other than that I love the pattern I even made my own buttons just some yarn chain, crochet and slip stitch together till it looks cute.
Tonight I unravel I have two more crochet projects I'll show you tomorrow.

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