Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Day

A New Year
A New Day
A New Life
They might be the words of a Michael Buble song but I can't seem to get these words out of my mind today.  I'm trying to welcome the New Year with fresh brighter eyes, wisdom and much more growth all the while in the middle of a divorce, being a mom, homeschooling, working outside the home, being at home and just being myself. 
I don't have any New Year's Resolutions but look forward to returning more frequently to blogland.  I miss this space. For a long time I forgot about this space I'm looking forward to my own return can't wait to see what I write.  There maybe less recipes (there is much less cooking going on these days),  future freezing and gardening hopefuls for this summer, the knitting and crochetting continues at full force,  books from book sales and reading lists continue to flow in (always a delight), more furniture painting fun (I say that with a tone because the process isn't fun sometimes), more crafts on the mind and in the studio  and possibly a bit more about me (I dare myself to share in time).
I hope to inspire you in the New Year as you all have and continue to inspire me.

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