Monday, May 21, 2012

Right now chugging away

There are so many things to share right now and pictures to show but I can't find the cord to the camera and get the pictures from the phone to the computer. Errrr.  I finally had a few minutes to blog but can't plug in maybe it's a sign go back to what I was doing. So since I can't show you what is going on I'll just write what is going on right now.

:: Love being back in our home.
::  Doing a little of this and that with the decorating.
:: Organizing and spring cleaning.
:: Looking forward to making my own bread again.
:: Dreaming of some sewing.
:: A new crochetted rug is almost done.  Yippiee!!
:: Stacks and stacks of books from a really fun booksale.
:: Listening to an 11 year old jam on the guitar.
:: My 11 year old teaching me to play the guitar.
:: New flowers and vegetables for the garden.
:: Thinking I should make some sun tea on the next sunny day.
:: Closing the door on a messy pantry to be dealt with later today.
:: Finding a good find at a yard sale. 
:: Sitting and chatting and reading with one or all the kids.
:: Enjoying a very quiet and sunny weekend.

I'll stop here because otherwise this list will go on and on.  Wish me luck that I find some cord s or get the pictures on the computer and maybe I can just post. 

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