Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just me and my sea glass alone

Ok remember how in my last post  it was going to be a quieter week on the blog well I guess I had something else to say. It's still been a quiet with the weather unusually warm like summer what a tease for us New Englanders because there is usually snow or cold weather in March not bathing suits and flip flops.  So with weather like this into the car I go with a bag off to the beach becasue for me it's sea glass collecting season.

Notice how I said just me no kids.  It's been some time that my husband and I have been living apart and the kids spend time with each of us.  Today was the first time I think ever that I was at the beach alone (although did meet a friend for a little while)  and coincidently I did run into my kids they were there too.  Gave them a hug & kiss & smiles but then we parted ways just today and for a couple of more days.  A very surreal moment but still a happy moment.

Happy to be away from them?  Well this past March was probably the first time I had been away from kids aside from birthing babies at hospital.  It was also the first in over 12 years that I have been alone.  Alone with myself, my identity and my thoughts.  I am quite different alone at 36 than 12 years ago.  The math 36-12=24. Yikes that's a long time!  It's getting to know me all over again and better for them when they return.  I'd say it's a happy alone reaquainting with myself.  

I have found that today was a good and some days maybe harder going forward but I can say I'm having amazing days (yes even with the kids)  and that I'm truly living a life that is more of my authentic self.

So I guess I did have something to say this week.   Oh and this bag here is half filled with 13 pounds of sea glass.  Now that is weight I don't mind carrying around.


Ana said...

Oh Luisa, I don't know what to say. Best wishes to you, you sound well grounded.

Luisa said...

Thanks Ana for the support.

angelina said...

ah luisa, a very reflective post. comfortable in your self, knowing a 'real' self at 36. an age i will soon step into myself. i know just what you mean. hugs *

MJ said...

This was a beautiful post Luisa. So much change surrounds you and I admire the awareness and the energy you are putting into rediscovering your true self. It is a beautiful thing and the most important relationship we have. We forget that, or neglect that when motherhood arrives. I am excited for you in this time of self renewal and discovery, and all that gorgeous sea glass is a great way to start :).

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