Tuesday, January 3, 2012

:: Warming Up for 2012

It's been quiet in this space lately just kind of easing into the new year along with the same chores and routines and making a list of reading and craft New Year's resolutions. 
We have been pretty lucky here till now but the weather looks like it's going to be freeeeezing.  Lots on my mind to share little by little and trying to keep warm with....
 :: Coffee, tea or hot chocolate :)
:: Yarn: crochetting and knitting late Christmas gifts.
:: Soups and I have a few in mind I'll share in another post.  I'm thinking about a series of posts just on soups/stews. Yummy don't you think?
:: Snuggling up under a throw with a good book. 
::  Making a list and checking it twice for handmade gifts for 2012.  I'll share the crafting plan soon.

A pretty unexciting post but warm with ideas.  Wishing you Happy New Year!


Lise said...

SOO cold today! I made a yummy soup today that might work for your clan: just threw a bunch of leftovers in my crock pot, and it was delicious! Dried broccoli (fresh or frozen would work, of course), stock, cashews, a bit of grated parsnip just 'cause it was a leftover, and almond milk. 3 hours on high, then I blended it. Best cream-of-broccoli I think I've had! :-)

Luisa said...

Lise-that sounds yummy!

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